Rest Easy Under Your Roof

Partner with a local homeowner's insurance agent in the Catskill & Poughkeepsie, NY area

You keep the things you love most inside your home to protect them. But what about protecting them from dangers in your home, like theft, fire or water damage?

The Frisbee Agency can give you added peace of mind. Our homeowner's insurance agent will work with you to put together a policy that covers your most valuable possessions. Contact our local homeowner's insurance agency to find the right coverage for you. Serving the Catskill & Poughkeepsie, NY areas.

Why go through an agent?

Shopping around for the right homeowner's insurance can be challenging. Luckily, you have a homeowner's insurance agent who knows how to look and where to look for the best coverage. We can build a policy that covers:

  • Accident or injury liability
  • Water and fire damage
  • Theft and vandalism
Don't leave your home exposed. Schedule a consultation with our local homeowner's insurance agent today to protect your home.